Saturday, September 7, 2013

My 2nd Ball ... FAITH vs. FRAUD ... That is The New Question !!!

FAITH or FRAUD That is Now The Question ...

 When we were kids, when I grew up, when I was raised 1970's
Childern still did chores, mowed lawns did dished helped out with things around the house
We did home work, well ( most of us ) 
 we changed out of school clothes that did not L@@K like Stripper wear or THUG Life GEAR into play clothes that also were of Respectable nature ...

                                                    How did "we" allow this to Happen !!!

 When "we" were Lost or needed help, We Looked for a Policeman to Serve & Protect "us" ...
And "they" did, I even received a 2 mile bumper to bumper push home late 1 night 
  after cruising til dawn. Today for Protection, better Serve YourSelf.

  We were Told that 
can be President of The United States of AMERICA !!!
 I was a up & coming Entrepreneur creating & hosting such things as door2door plaques sales handmade burnt edge holiday cards clear coated on drift wood, lemonade stands EXTREME I sold to construction sites make sandwiches at home use moms stuff ham cheese tuna bolo whatever Some sodas ice chest and a wagon I was 10 ...
LIVE concerts with me & friends Doing our best Elvis & other Big Name stars Right in the garage
 .25 cents tickets popcorn lemonade, We'd bank $50-$75 a show.
We even made a carnival with rides, shows games, etc ...

 And plenty of other things just to earn some spending cash. I was taught that Right was Right & Wrong was Wrong and to Stand Idlely by and watch, was also WRONG !!!
 I was taught that this Counrty, Its families and people Were Founded on The principals of GOD !!!
Today, you JOE PUBLIC have made me an Up & Coming
 As I have continued to Strongly Grow, Spiritually, Evolve, Learn,
the Majority around me has DeVolved and Come down with Regressive Mind Syndrome ... RMS lol And My Country is InGulfed in a LongTerm PeaceKeeping Mission and NO Longer Protects These Very Unalienable Rights Givin by GOD  and The Very Paper they are Writen on. Moving in a New Direction, a new vision for humanity, a Loving, Liberating, ( not accupying at all) Giving Democracy to all around The Globe when
 "WE" ourselves are a Republic NOT a DEMOCRACY ...
Democracy is a Bully System !!! Two Wolves and a Sheep deciding on What to have for dinner,
                                                              Im thinkin (lamb chops)   

 This Once Freedom Ringing, Spiritually Guided Country based on ESP's ...
Is Moving into a new Age of Sodimites, & Gomorrah 

allowing Everything unGodly to be a Right and Just
 and all that is Right in GODs Eye a CRIME ...
She Once was a place that others Looked
to as a Beacon of Hope, Now See's how she's
 Turned into a beacon of DOPE !!!
The War on Drugs, The War on Education,
The War on Homelessness, The War on TERRORISM is a War on 
        "US" !!!
 How'Bout ...
  "We" The People
have a War on War !!!
When Push Comes to Shove ...
I have to Shove back, that is Why ...
I Now as I once did 2 years ago Independence Day
Online And 30 years ago offline ...
 I here by due to the Tyranical Foreign OverSight of the Governing Body Instilled by the People for the People, that has gone ROUGE and Now Longer Adhears, Protects, nor Defends Her very Own MOTTO ..
In GOD We Trust !!!
                                       Removing GOD from Every Aspect of Our Lives, 
Degrading HIM in all ways possible in public
 Defacing The Very Foundation of this Land,
 which left me, leaves Me
 NO-CHOICE but to Again ...
The DeNouncing of My Citizenship !!!
 Forcing My hand to Either be FAITHFUL
to GOD OR A SLAVE to EVIL, Bullies that "think"
 They can Re-Create EveryThing GOD has ...
"they" are WRONG and I Shall be there to PROVE IT !!!
I have Sworn a Covenant to GOD to Stand for & Fight Against ALL Evil, Tryants Big & small til
 He Taketh My last Breath !!!
"We" The People have InTrusted Y.O.U. to do Our Will, GODs Will for this country
And All those that are Born in and enter to vacation or gain citizenship in our Country of Freedom & Hope...
NO, Our GAURANTEED RIGHT to Pursue AnyThing We Can HOPE !!!
Y.O.U. have major FAILED !!!

You have Betrayed "us" of Our GOD Givin RIGHTs !!! 
 You have Destroyed ...
 WARNING to all ManKind ...
"IF" Y.O.U. after reading this do nothing, but continue to Follow in The Evil path to destruction of Humanity, Continue to Pay, Join, sign up for Taxes, Insureances, Registrations, sign in to contract with courts that hang & use The GOLD FRINGE FLAGs !!!
 Y.O.U. are Damned to the Same HELL as the one's who have Commited the EVIL Deeds !!!
 Eternal Damnation in Sulfer & Brimstone !!!
 ITs T.I.M.E. 2 Pick a Side, not a Fence, fence standers will be 1st. Destroyed ...
So, My fellow Man, Whatcha Gunna Do ...
 I am Ace Banger, The Guru SOVEREIGN Man of GOD, For Country, Freedom, and Natural Law !!!
 So, how did my 2nd ball taste ... let me know before ... I grow a 3rd. God Bless my Friends ...




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  1. So, as a Minority of 1, maybe Im The One
    Who's CRAZY !!!